End of Year Review 2023

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As we near the conclusion of this year, one marked by economic challenges across the country, we thought we’d share some positive highlights. Whilst we continue to plan our digital marketing activities and upcoming client work for 2024, there are many valuable experiences to take with us from this year, including many valued clients and their ongoing digital marketing services.

Websites, New Opportunities

Engaging with and meeting new businesses and business owners across Kingston and South West London, has allowed us to create impactful websites, empowering our clients to promote their businesses effectively. You can view some of our featured clients and projects in our portfolio.

Redeveloped Websites = Improved Results

This year, several potential clients approached us with existing websites that weren’t yielding the desired results. Through their request for redevelopment, we aimed to rejuvenate these platforms for enhanced performance and success.

One of our clients we welcomed this year, Linda Penny, a holistic health expert, commented that her website which offers various energy healing courses was already getting more business within a few months of her site being live with us compared to her old website.

“Mark did a wonderful job redeveloping my existing website this year. I have to say that since that time I have had so many more enquiries from my website, and the majority of them have converted into clients or students!! I am thrilled with the results.”

Another success story stems from our collaboration with Tree Marshalls. Dillon, dissatisfied with the design and services of his former website provider, sought our expertise. Together, we focused on creating a visually captivating and user-friendly platform, integrating testimonials for credibility, incorporating an SEO-friendly blog section, and implementing a locally-targeted SEO strategy. Dillon was very happy with the results:

“I asked mark if he would be able to completely sort out my website. After having a bad experience with other companies I was worried about making the investment again. Well I am over the moon, the site is amazing the service and communication throughout is fantastic. I would highly recommend!”

These instances show the substantial benefits of website redevelopment in terms of impression, service quality, and impactful results. Take a look at our website design service and see how we can help you.


Technical support

In 2023, we successfully completed our migration of all our existing websites to our WordPress ‘Fortress’ managed hosting environment – dedicated exclusively to our activ clients. This move ensures that our clients benefit from state-of-the-art internet technology in a secure, managed, and supported environment, emphasising speed, security, and the latest advancements.

Benefits of SEO

This year more of our clients have recognised the value of adding our SEO service to their package. Implementing SEO strategies has led to a substantial increase in website traffic for our clients, subsequently translating into significant business growth. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in enhancing our clients’ online visibility and market presence.

Client Satisfaction

Building websites is a collaborative effort, and your satisfaction with the end result is so important. This year we’ve been pleased to continue receiving great feedback and reviews from my clients.

You can view more of our 5 star reviews on Google. If you haven’t had the chance yet, your review would be greatly appreciated.  

Business Milestone in an award-winning year

December 2023 marks a significant milestone with it being 15 years since joining the activ Digital Marketing Franchise. Over these years, there have been so many opportunites to work on a diverse range of projects, each unique and rewarding in their own way. More importantly, it’s been great to assist businesses in realising their online potential and achieving their goals. The work itself is is reward but getting the results is even better.

One of the highlights of working as a digital marketing consultant is the relationships formed and the experiences gained throughout the years. With so much change in the digital world, it has been constant learning and an enjoyable journey.

Plus the real cherry on the cake was in September when it was announced that activ Digital Marketing Kingston was named as one of the award winners in the Great British Franchisee Awards 2023. It is great to be recognised for all the effort and achievement over the 15 years of running the franchise.

Thank you for being a part of our journey in 2023. Here’s to our dedicated team supporting more businesses in Kingston and its surrounding areas, driving exceptional online marketing results throughout 2024!

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An essential guide to help you achieve your online marketing goals!