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Personal 1-1 web design and development service

Mark Rouvray is available to meet for an initial FREE Consultation in Morden to discuss your requirements, recommend the best approach and provide a lot of useful advice based on years of experience working with local businesses.

Your website is your no.1 marketing asset, so make sure it provides the best possible view of your business. Contact us for an initial discussion.

Web design

Your website needs to work for you to create business and should be designed in a way that achieves that.  We will guide you on how to make sure your website ticks all the boxes for potential clients; turning a little interest into an enquiry. We will advise on how to get more people looking at your website; what you can do for yourself, and how we can help to promote your business further.

Web Design and Development in 5 Steps

You have our dedicated, personal 1-1 support from the initial meeting, throughout development and in the months and years to come. 

1 Meet
2 Agreement
3 Preparation
4 Development
5 Go Live

FREE Consultation

Let’s meet up locally and we can discuss your requirements. I’ll provide advice on the best way forward and show you how we have helped similar businesses.


We’ll make a proposal for your website and any other related services we discuss.  If you are happy to proceed then we’ll complete the order and get started.

Design & Content

We will discuss further details of the structure of the website, the design, the content requirements and any other inputs required prior to the design and development. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Website Development

When all the content is available for the site, we will develop the initial setup so you can get a first look including some pages. We’ll adjust based on your feedback before completing the rest of the site.

Complete Site and Launch

After checking the rest of the site for any detailed changes, we will launch the site and complete post live tasks. Anything still needed? You have our ongoing support.

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Valuable Tips for Web Design in Morden

A well-designed website is essential for the success of your Morden business. At activ, we understand the significance of an impactful web presence. Here are some essential web design tips that can take your Morden business to the next level:

Tips for web design in Morden
  • Clear Branding: Ensure your Morden business’s branding is consistent across your website, including colours, fonts, and logo placement.
  • User-Centric Design: Prioritise user experience by organising content logically, providing easy navigation, and clear calls-to-action.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Optimise your website to perform seamlessly on various devices, catering to the increasing number of mobile users.
  • Visual Hierarchy: Arrange content in a way that guides visitors’ eyes naturally towards the most important elements, enhancing engagement.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Minimise large images and unnecessary elements to ensure quick loading times, preventing visitors from leaving due to slow loading.
  • High-Quality Imagery: Use high-resolution images that align with your Morden business’s identity, creating a visually appealing and professional website.
  • SEO Optimisation: Incorporate relevant keywords and meta tags to improve your website’s visibility on search engines, attracting organic traffic.
  • Engaging Content: Craft compelling and informative content that resonates with your Morden audience, showcasing your expertise and value.
  • Integrate Social Media: Connect your Morden business’s social media profiles, allowing visitors to easily engage and share your content.

Discover more industry tips and expert advice in our blog.

SEO and Web design Morden

Local SEO for your Morden Business

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, carving a distinctive online presence for your Morden business is pivotal. Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) emerges as a dynamic strategy to not just be discovered but chosen by local customers. Here’s how local SEO can amplify your Morden business’s online visibility and bring you closer to your local audience:

  • Geo-Targeted Precision: Local SEO strategically positions your Morden business in front of local customers who are actively seeking services or products you offer.
  • Localised Keywords: By integrating location-specific keywords like “Morden web design” and “Morden web designer,” your website resonates with local search queries, boosting its relevance.
  • Google My Business (GMB): Optimise your GMB listing with accurate information, opening hours, and customer reviews.
  • Citations and Directories: Listing your Morden business on local directories and maintaining consistent information builds credibility and trust with search engines.
  • Local Content: Crafting content related to Morden and its vicinity establishes your authority in the local context, appealing to both users and search engines.
  • Customer Reviews: Positive reviews on platforms like Google amplify your Morden business’s reputation and encourage potential customers to choose you.

With activ, you’ll have access to comprehensive Morden web design services that empower your business to thrive in the competitive digital landscape. Let us help you get your Kingston business noticed and stand out from the crowd. Take a look at our SEO services we offer.

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Morden Web design FAQs

No. We design the site based on any existing branding, your preferences and our own design experience to create a site that is unique and distinctive to your business.  We'll maintain an overall look and feel across the website, but adapt the layouts to make the most of the content you have. This way, we are not constrained by any template feature or layout and avoid the pitfalls of templated solutions.

It certainly helps to have a logo for your business as this becomes a consistent symbol across all of your marketing.  We can design one for you or adapt one you already have to get it to a professional level ready for print or the web. However, if you don't have the budget for this then we can still give your website a distinct look with consistent colours, fonts and graphics.  You can then utilise this on other marketing to start to build your own brand.

This is an important aspect of our service. As technology changes and your business develops, you will need to make changes to your site, and we will be there to do it for you.  Any small changes to existing content and advice will be done without additional charge.  If and when you need to do further development or redesign then we will be on hand to help. As website clients, you will get priority service for further work and at a discounted hourly rate with no minimum charge.

Morden Web Design Service

We work with businesses in Morden and the surrounding areas of West Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Wimbledon Chase, South Wimbledon, Merton and Mitcham.

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Local Support for your Morden Business

At activ, we’re dedicated to optimising your Morden business’s digital presence through exceptional web design and strategic marketing. While our expertise takes care of your online journey, we understand the significance of a thriving local network. Here are valuable local resources in Morden that can complement our services and foster your business’s success.

Merton Chamber of Commerce:
Morden falls under Merton Chamber of Commerce, which supports small, medium, and large businesses in Wimbledon. Their diverse offerings include networking events, training programs, and resources to drive growth and development.

South Thames College Group – The Business Centre:
Collaborating with employers, South Thames College provides valuable support, guidance, and information on apprenticeships, workforce training, recruitment, and pre-apprenticeship programmes.

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