Social media management

Build your brand and grow your business – reach new audiences and interact to create an interest in your products and services.

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social media management
social media management

A cost-effective way to grow your business

Social media allows you to interact with both potential and existing clients in new ways. You can extend your reach, engage with your market and turn interest into sales.

The benefits of social media management

Brand Building

Develop your brand voice and increase brand awareness - humanise your brand, showing your audience what you do and that you’re authentic.


Grow your business, as more people become aware of your brand, your posts can drive traffic to your website and to sales.

Gain valuable insights

Gain intelligence on your market, customers, your competitors and your brand - insights gained through social media can drive smarter decisions.

Commincate with your audience

Interact with your clients like never before - a two-way communication, making it a personalised marketing tool.

Promote your content

A great way to get your content out there, to show your audience your expertise and build trust.

Improve SEO rankings

Search engines favour a strong social media presence as it signals that you’re authentic and valuable.

Package options

We provide a range of social media management packages to suit all budgets and requirements - call us to discuss your social media.

If you would like something more tailored, then just contact us.

New channel setup

Let us take the stress out of setting up your brand new social media channels. We’ll ensure your pages are fully optimised as part of the process so you can just focus on what you’re going to post first!




Channel optimisation

Optimising your social media channels involves reviewing your public profiles with a fine toothcomb and includes updating your bios, descriptions and contact details as well as ensuring logos are the correct size and looking good. It’s a one-off social media housekeeping service to ensure your brand is visible and searchable on the channel.

This one-off service also excludes TikTok.

For ongoing optimisation, from updating your ‘links in bio’ to keeping on top of overall aesthetics of your pages. We can continue to optimise your profile each month in line with your content for £50 per month.

Get Started

A consistent, professional presence on your chosen platforms.

  • 12 posts per month
  • 2 created graphics per month

Content created is recomposed appropriately for all channels.

The first month of this package is spent on channel optimisation and time for planning style of content.

Channels we can support: Facebook page or stories, Instagram grid or stories, Twitter, Google Business pages and LinkedIn.

Bespoke Channel Packages

Amplify your message with greater reach and audience growth

Individualised plans for each channel taking account of the platform, the audience and your goals for that channel.


  • 8 graphic posts per month
  • Ad Budget
  • Ongoing monitoring and reviewing of activities and competitors
  • Networking interaction
  • Monthly Report
  • Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn Company, LinkedIn Profile, TikTok, Google Business Page

Monthly calendar

Are you struggling for inspiration? Got writer’s block? Or simply just have no idea what to post? Our monthly social media kick off calendar could be all the inspiration you need. We’ll look at your business plans alongside key national dates each month and send you a personalised calendar with at least 3 suggestions of what to post, suggested frequency of posts and help you get your creative juices flowing.


This is a 12 month minimum contract. Calendars are supplied in advance of a new month beginning.

Social media audit

This audit will include:

  • A document for you to review, keep and refer to
  • Definition of your social media goals
  • Overview of your profile optimisation
  • Identifying your audience data for each channel
  • A review of your branding, language and promotion
  • Review of your top performing posts including impressions, engagement, reach & types of content
  • Identifying new objectives
  • Exploring the opportunity for other channels outside of what you’re using

Social media strategy

Your strategy document will include:

  • Everything included in our social media audit
  • Creation of your social media content pillars
  • Creation of a 12 month social media calendar
  • Identifying your brand voice and language
  • Suggested social media posts for each channel
  • Tips to increase engagement

Channel engagement add-on


Providing a full engagement service on your channel including comments, likes, shares of user generated content.

Customer service management add-on

Responding to customer service queries and feedback, managing your channel inbox

Asset creation add-on

Providing time for shooting photos, videos clips, interviews and graphics to use in your social media posts, reels and stories. This can be useful for channels where imagery may be less often required, such as LinkedIn,

Additional Posts

Occasionally, you may wish to increase the number of posts included in your package at key promotional times of the year. We’re happy to create more posts in line with your campaigns. Imagery or video content is supplied. For significant additional post volumes, please ask us for a bespoke quotation.

Paid Ads

Please note that this applies to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn only. Includes a monthly report & time allowance for reasonable updates throughout the campaign.

All Social Media Management Packages are subject to a minimum contract period of 12 months followed by 1 month’s notice thereafter

Things to note

  1. All imagery and videos to be supplied by client.
  2. Activ will submit a content wish list to client within the planning month and
    ongoing as required.
  3. Month 1 is charged in full and used to plan strategy and content pillars.
  4. Up to 50% of graphic posts will be branded in bespoke packages – client to provide logo for use. Other
    posts will be client provided imagery.
  5. Additional channels incur full ad cost, plus 75% of the fee for a duplicate
  6. One round of revisions included.

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