Why no enquiries?

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If you are not getting enquiries to your business then there could be a whole bunch of reasons. Doing the same old things will get you the same old results – something has to change. What worked once may no longer be working. Here are some things to review and take action on.

Does your website tick all the boxes?

This starts with a professional looking site that gets the attention of the user by ensuring they are confident that they are in the right place. A professional website should act like a sales engine for your business, taking people from that initial interest through to action – including making an enquiry.

Even if you did this at the start, it is worth reviewing as your business will change and your market will also change over time

Read “Web Design that ticks all the boxes

Are your business processes working?

It might seem obvious but are the processes by which clients contact you all working as they should. Consider the different methods that you allow potential clients to contact you and check all is as it should be.  Things change which you might not be aware of and technical issues can crop up over time.

Email – are all the emails that you use still working OK and do you receive them to a device where you can access quickly and respond.

Telephone Numbers – are these still correct and does the voicemail work correctly when not answered. Do you have a bespoke message that is up to date and correct?

Website – is all the contact information up to date and correct? Do any phone number links work OK? Are you still able to receive an enquiry from the contact form to your email – multiple issues can interfere with this process?

You may also have other processes in place like online chat, call answering services etc. – think about testing these too.

You should also look at how you respond to these enquiries – a prompt and professional response can be the difference between getting a new client and not.

Are you promoting your website?

If your website can’t be seen then it is not working for you – it’s like a giant billboard BUT in the Sahara Desert.

If you are using online promotion then check these processes e.g. directories or ads have the correct link to your website

Do you have your website details displayed wherever possible: on your emails, business cards, shop front/vehicles etc.

If you are not currently doing any promotion and are reliant on being found online then check your current ranking on Google for your key marketing terms. It is best you use a SERP (Search Engine Ranking) tool for this – just Google SERP Checker for a few free ones. For most businesses, your website is unlikely to make page 1 of Google without some promotion – it’s a numbers game and there are 1,000s of website out there for all services – many will already be doing promotion of their websites to get in top 10.

See our SEO Service for more information on how to improve your rankings.

Is your business offering still competitive?

If all else is working, then perhaps what you currently offer compared to the competition is no longer as compelling as before. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Have they specific offers, new product or service features or is there a general shift in the market that requires you to rethink your offering.

Is there some new offer that could get you more attention and just turn those interested into solid enquiries?

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