When it comes to SEO, what are the top considerations?

SEO considerations
Like many digital marketing practices, you could (and people do) spend an entire career editing, updating, perfecting and launching SEO strategies for just one website. We have broken down the most important and essential things you should consider as part of your SEO plan.
  1. Crawling accessibility – The process of crawling entails a so-called robot crawling around the world wide web looking over all the code and content present on your URL. The content doesn’t have to be a website, it could be an image, PDF or video but each piece of content must have a URL attached to it.  Essentially, you want to make sure the crawlers have access to your URL so they can read and index accordingly, otherwise all your content will go to waste!
  2. Relevant content – Based on your pre-existing knowledge of your website users and target audience you should have a pretty good idea of what they are searching for to find your URL.  You want to make sure you have a range of relevant content on your site that will get your pages to the top-ranking positions.  When planning your content, you should make sure it is relevant to both your target audience and your business goals.
  3. Keyword optimised – Try to think of the terms that users are typing into Google to find your site. These should be thought of as your ‘keywords’.  Try to get as many of these keywords into your site as possible as it will increase your organic search traffic.
  4. The user experience – To be a good site, your website should be fast at loading, user friendly and slick looking.  Without these attributes, you may risk ending up further down a Google search than you would like.
  5. Share-worthy content – Do you currently encourage website users to share your blog entries or content on social media?  You should!  Think about whether your content is worth sharing. If it’s not then keep working on it.
  6. URL, Title & Descriptions – You don’t need us to tell you that your URL should be relevant and easy to spell.  In some cases, it can be beneficial for the product/services or business type to be part of the URL.  Each page on your site should be enticingly titled and completed with a description of what the user may find on the page.  You could increase your traffic even further by including some keywords in those titles and descriptions.


SEO Surrey

Any good SEO marketing support team should be able to help you in identifying and supporting you on all the above points.  Many support teams like to work with you and your business closely so they can understand and see first-hand the challenges you face.  Many teams will be more than happy to assist you in writing copy and content if that isn’t your strong suit.

Perhaps you are a florist and when it comes to putting together a seasonal bouquet you’re top of the class.  However, when given a keyboard and asked to write a blog post or web page you fear getting it wrong and therefore put it off.

That’s where activ Digital Marketing Kingston can help support you and your business. Click here to find out more about our SEO packages.

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