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Search Engine Optimisation Surrey

How you can use Search Engine Optimization to improve your ranking on Google search results and get more clients.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Surrey SEO

SEO Client Testimonial

“Forget Yell.Com, do not bother with Google Ads and don`t even consider all the expensive SEO ads that promise the earth and don`t deliver. We have been with Activ SEO for over 18 months now and have seen our standings in the search engine results rise consistently... I thoroughly recommend Activ SEO to any business large or small.”
Will McKinlay
(Wired & Wonderful - Electrical Contractors)

SEO Strategy

Key to SEO is to identify the right target keyword phrases for your business.

You need the right balance between those words/phrases with good search demand, low competition and are highly relevant to your business.

We’ll undertake the research with specialist SEO tools to determine this for you.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is about making sure Google indexes your website for the targeted keywords. It’s about having the right words, in the right places and coded in a way that Google recognises them. Activ sites are built for SEO. If it is not an Activ website, then we can audit your website and recommend changes.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is required to promote your website for the keyword phrases so Google recognises you above your competition. We add links around your website like a ‘spiders web’ – creating a greater online presence that helps raise you up the Google results. We’ll use proven techniques that we know work but continually adapt in line with best practice.

SEO Services Surrey

Our SEO Services start from as low as £100 + vat per month and can be tailored to fit your budget and ambitions. You are likely to need a larger budget to target more keywords, tackle areas where online competition is strong, or you just want to get results faster.

Many small businesses just want to be found locally for what they do, and we can help by providing local SEO services that get you higher up the Google rankings in your area.


No. We will advise whether you need changes to your current content or additional pages. We can write the necessary pages or advise your web designer. We will also identify any other issues that might need to be addressed in order to get the best results for search engine optimization.

We can conduct research using specialist SEO tools to determine the words/phrases that people are looking for and are most relevant to your business – increasing the potential of getting business from your SEO services.

We may suggest additional pages that target specific keywords which we then promote. This gives the best chance of optimizing your website for search engine results but also means potential customers get exactly what they are looking for from their search – 'the landing page'.

Yes. Each month we will send you an update report which shows how your website is progressing in the Google Search Results and the areas of work undertaken. You will always have direct access to your local Surrey SEO specialist at Activ when you have questions or need further advice.

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