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digital business card

A positive outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the global demonstration in the ability to work remotely. Video conferencing like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and even WhatsApp have all played a role in bringing people together. It has shown businesses and employees alike the endless possibilities of keeping in touch, arranging transatlantic meetings and hosting online events without even having to leave your home.

Working and networking from home isn’t always convenient, but it does have increasing environmental benefits, including:

  • Reduced travel emissions from daily commutes
  • Reduced wider travel emissions from air or rail travel
  • Energy saving on heat and light in an office space
  • Less printing, such as business cards…

The activ team works remotely from Kingston and across the UK and as such we’re able to provide strategic digital marketing services globally. One of our unique services is to offer a Digital Business Card.

What is a Digital Business Card?

Our Strategic Marketing Digital Business Card is just that; a way of converting your printed business card into a digital one.

Is it easy to create?

Yes, simply by purchasing a card online, you can create your card on our trusted platform and edit and customise it as you like (without the need for an expert designer).

What can I do with a Digital Business Card?

After you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be provided with a unique QR code. Prospective contacts need only scan this code with their mobile device and you will be automatically added into their device contacts list. Efficient? We think so!

Create a link to your business card and use it on your website, LinkedIn profile or in your email signature, which contacts can click on to view your profile. There are a number of benefits for looking into digital networking, these include:

  • Your personalised QR code which you can add to marketing collateral
  • Sustainability factors – 90% of business cards are disposed of within a week of receiving them
  • Convenient and simple to amend online if you change your phone number, for example
  • Affordable as your fee is annual, saving you on printing costs
  • The ability to offer a contactless service, no travel
  • Increasing leads, with easy access to contact lists

We are confident that our Digital Business Cards will save you money and help the environment. We believe they will also form part of your large-scale or small-scale networking abilities.

Our service is priced at £99 for your initial fee, lasting 12 months, followed by a renewal fee of £49 each year. We also offer a discount for companies who want to invest in several cards for their employees.

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Free eBook

An essential guide to help you achieve your online marketing goals!