Niall Fitness

Niall is a personal trainer, based in Teddington, providing both group and 1-1 personal fitness and nutrition programmes for clients. Client had done extensive research and upskilling of his own knowledge on online marketing before deciding to work with us.


Development of a new website for personal trainer in Teddington and promotion within the local area integrated with a full range of social media accounts.


Provide a professional online presence with blog capability for client to produce regular articles on fitness and nutrition. Gain prominence locally as a Personal trainer through improved visibility in search results.


Localised landing pages were created to target with SEO promotion and the site achieved a no.1 on Google for Personal Trainer locally. Activ have since expanded SEO work to start targeting more local areas. Blog allows for more social media promotion and engagement on the website.
Niall O'Boyle
Niall Fitness
:Having spent the best part of 9 months learning how websites work through online Google courses and many many website salespeople, we came across Mark through some contacts I had made. Mark’s knowledge and simplicity on the subject as well as patience were second to none. Mark is easy to talk to both over the phone or a coffee with so much to say it leaves you with a feeling of confidence in his abilities. My wife and I both would highly recommend Mark as someone to work with regard to your website and would be happy to answer any questions you might have with regard to his service.”

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