Activ Email Guidance and Support

ACTIV EMAIL SERVICE (prior to Yandex)

Activ emails are currently provided at no additional charge as part of your website package but this service is being phased out due to the increasing costs to setup and maintain. We will advise you of options as and when the service is being withdrawn.  However, you may want to consider alternative arrangements which come with varying levels of support depending on your budget.

You will be able to access your emails directly through your browser via any internet connected device at the login address provided using your login userid/email and password for each email you have.


You can also access your emails via other email programs e.g. Outlook, Mac mail etc. (or other online emails accounts like Gmail) and on other devices e.g. iPhone. Activ do not provide IT support for these programs or devices but the settings required for these are all very similar and require the info below which will have been sent to you when the email was setup.


Your setup will depend on when you joined Activ – please check with us if you are unsure.

POP3 (older emails setups pre 2018)

If you use email on multiple devices e.g. Outlook on desktop, iPhone, iPad then you will need to manage your emails across devices. POP3 does not allow for synchronised email and shared folders for storage – see our Enterprise Email service for a more advanced email facility. 

You can still work across multiple devices by designating one derives for your mail storage e.g. Desktop and then use the others for viewing of emails and sending.

Make sure your desktop program is used to store emails and that other devices are set to always keep emails on the server and NOT delete, otherwise they will not be accessible by your desktop. Your desktop email program should be setup to remove emails from the server after say 14 days. If you want to keep emails sent from other devices then copy in yourself and then store the email when received on your desktop.

Newer Yandex Email Setup (2018 onwards)

IMAP setup is available, allowing synchronisation of emails across multiple devices using cloud based email storage.

Google Enterprise Email

The Google Professional Enterprise Email service provides synchronised email, 30GB of storage and a lot more professional features if required.  Setup charges from Activ and monthly fees to Google apply.


If your email is not working, please read through the above information and the tips below.  Always check the following:

1) Can you access your email OK via your internet browser? If not then please contact us to investigate.

2) If using webmail, check if your mail box is very full? If so delete and purge old emails to free up storage. If your mail box becomes full you may not be able to receive or send emails.

If you are using a local email program or device e.g. iPhone, and you have checked the above, then there may be an issue with your email program or device. Sometimes these programs can get corrupted and by removing and re-adding the account, you can resolve the issue. Be careful to save anything in the inbox, outbox, send folders that you want to keep before removing the account.


  • It is not recommended to send large attachments via email. Use file sharing options like Dropbox or online services like
  • If you delete files in webmail, you will also need to purge them to completely remove them and free the storage.
  • If you have a problem with email on a device or email program, then always check the webmail is working first. Webmail will give you access to your emails until you can resolve your local issue.
  • If your mail box keeps becoming full and you are using an email program, then make sure it is set to delete emails from the server or they will always stay on the server and fill your storage
  • If you are not receiving emails on one of your devices then check the email settings as per the instructions above for using multiple devices.
  • There is a lot of online help for email program and device setup. Just google the version you are using and ’email setup’
  • It is not recommended to send emails to a large distribution list as this is likely to be blocked by email programs and recipient emails.  You should be using an email marketing package that complies with anti spam policies – see our Advanced Email Marketing


If you require support beyond issues relating to the browser based email service we provide then you may need to contact a local IT Support person who has knowledge of your preferred devices and email programs. 

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